About Us

FLAMETAC is a leading supplier of fire-resistant clothing trusted by clients from a range of industries. We work hard alongside our clients and partners to consistently deliver outstanding solutions that boost performance, safety and comfort remarkably. Over the years, we’ve become one of the most trusted suppliers of fire-resistant garments around, and our team members are regarded as experts in their field. We are moving closer and closer to becoming one of the world’s most trusted providers or fire-resistant apparel and consistently strive to help our clients achieve more and more whilst staying comfortable and protected. Why not contact us today to learn more about the innovative work that we do? We are passionate about innovation and fuse moisture working technology, our own expertise, our world-class resources and the latest developments in technology and fire-resistant apparel to deliver garments that outshine the competition.

Why not explore our catalogue today to learn more about what FLAMTAC flame-resistant workwear can do for you? We have a proven track record when it comes to saving lives and helping our clients become even more efficient. FLAMETAC fire-resistant garments and undergarments are used to help workers stay comfortable whilst working tirelessly towards their goals. These garments are designed to be worn daily, with our range include all sorts of next-to-skin, ultra-lightweight shirts and bottoms as well as industrial work wear and durable garments designed for military use. We offer the optimal balance of style, comfort and safety. At FLAMETAC, we’re proud to keep our clients safe, whether we’re supplying garments to the military, industrial organisations, public sector clients, race car uniforms or anyone else. We constantly aim to beat your expectations rather than simply meet them, so why wait any longer to get in touch if you require outstanding fire-resistant clothing designed for the 21st century?